Menstrual Problems

A woman’s menstrual cycle is often a very delicate hormonal balance. When this delicate balance is disturbed by various stresses and strains of life, problems occur.

Acupuncture is incredibly effective for gynaecological conditions and regulating disorders of the menstrual cycle. It excels at treating a host of menstrual disorders such as irregular or painful periods; and premenstrual issues such as irritability, breast tenderness, cramping and headaches.

The main organ system that distributes hormones through the body is the liver. When that organ system becomes taxed, (whether from genetic, environmental, or lifestyle factors) an imbalance in the energy flow of that system develops and symptoms of PMS or other hormonal imbalances occur including PCOS, endometriosis, and amenorrhea.

A combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional recommendations can be extremely effective at relieving PMS and other menstrual disorder symptoms. Acupuncture can help to boost endorphin and serotonin levels, regulate the endocrine system, relieve excess bloating and general discomfort, and reduce stress and anxiety. Acupuncture is notable for balancing energy or maintaining “Chi.” When Chi wanes, the body is susceptible to illness. Acupuncture unblocks energy allowing the body to heal itself.

A professional acupuncturist can locate a disturbance of energy in the body that can disrupt menstrual cycles. The practitioner places tiny, painless needles along the body that are similar to the size of salt crystals, while patients rest on the table. During the procedure that is also useful for smoking cessation, and weight loss women feel only a slight pressure. It can balance and regulate the release of hormones from the pituitary and endocrine glands. Acupuncture procedures are painless and without side effects.


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