Prescription drug abuse may result in an accumulation of drug toxins in the body with subsequent health impairment. The continuing use of prescription drugs can lead to physical dependence, as well. The most reliable way to detoxify your body from prescription drugs is to submit yourself to a detoxification program. The following treatment programs offer the best ways to detox from prescription drugs.
Drug detox:

The main purpose of a drug detox is to eliminate the body from harmful substances which have accumulated in the system from prescription drug abuse. The process of elimination is known as detoxification. The body´s natural reaction to detoxification causes physical and psychological symptoms, including nausea, depression, anxiety, cramping, insomnia, vomiting, joint and muscle pain and cold or hot sweats.

Outpatient drug treatment program:

Outpatient drug treatment program makes use of buprenorphine (Subutex, Soboxone) to detoxify people addicted to pain killer drugs. Once patients are enrolled in the program, patients are inducted to the program. After buprenorphine is given to patients, they are monitored for a few hours to determined correct dosages, after which they are allowed to continue the detoxification treatment from home. During the process of stabilization. It is recommended to attend a counseling (12 step) program. After stabilization has been attained, the patient goes through the process of weaning off of medication.


Acupuncture, which falls into the branch of alternative medicines, has shown effective at treating various disorders, including back pain, headaches, digestive problems, and fibromyalgia; it is also used as a method to treat symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal, such as nausea body aches, cravings, sweating, muscle cramping etc. The success of acupuncture treatment has encouraged some detoxification clinics to integrate it into their detox programs. In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that Qi (life energy) flows through pathways (meridians) throughout the body, delivering their energy to every organ; when energy flow (Qi) blocked, sickness occurs. The object is to restore the flow of energy, thus, regaining health.

In acupuncture, some points in the ear correspond to specific body organs, including the liver, lungs, kidneys, and nervous system. Needles are place in each ear with the intention of trying to restore the flow of energy to those organs. Studies have shown that the insertion of acupuncture needles stimulate the body´s production of beta-endorphin. The release of this substance causes the body to relax and also alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from substance abuse.

Residential treatment:

Residential treatment from prescription drug abuse provides round-the-clock care in an environment free of distractions and temptations. The patient is provided with support aiming at full recovery. During the treatment program of detoxification, the patient is supervised and given individual or group therapy, as well as practices of therapies, including meditation, and yoga therapies, intended to help him/her attain full recovery.

There are a variety of drug rehabilitation programs, although, the best rehabilitation program from prescription drug abuse is the one that best suits your needs. The therapy you choose, along with the desire to follow the detoxification process will be the determinants in the pursuit of this endeavor. Seek immediate help If you, a friend or a family member are having problems with prescription drugs.

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