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We both had problem. My wife had infertility due to her PCOD problem and I too had problem of low sperm count. We are married for 13 years and we do not have our child. We had huge psychological stress due to this. We tried IVF but it failed three times. We lost all hope. One day while on net I found about acupuncture and how it can help infertility. I searched for best acupuncture clinic in Delhi and found Ethos Acupuncture Clinic.We decided to try acupuncture. We took acupuncture treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma. After about one month we started feeling changes. Our health improved and there was no stress. Our reports were improving every month. My wife started having regular periods my sperm count too improved. In fifth month of treatment wife told me that she feels that has conceived. We got it checked and it was positive. We were very happy. My wife has delivered and both mother and child are healthy. We are thankful to Dr Anjali and Ethos Clinic for giving us so much happiness.

Submitted By: Uday

I am suffering from sarcoidosis. I have problem of cough and weight loss. This is also causing weakness. I was taking steroids but relief was not there. I also had side effects of steroids. My uncle told me about Ethos Healthcare and Dr Anjali Sharma. He had taken treatment for his problem kidney failure from Dr Anjali Sharma and it was very helpful. I joined acupuncture treatment under Dr Anjali Sharma. Within 15 days I improved very much. Treatment continued for 2 months and now I am ok.

Submitted By: Samir Bakshi

I suffered from back and neck pain for 5 years. I had prolapse disc and bone spur. I was told to undergo surgery. I looked for some alternative treatment. I was looking for best doctor in Delhi who can give good treatment for back pain and neck pain. I found about Ethos and consulted Dr Anjali Sharma. I took treatment for my back pain and neck pain from Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. My pain got treated in one week. I am very happy with the treatment. Dr Anjali Sharma has very good knowledge.

Submitted By: Aslam

My wife had severe pain because of herpes neuralgia. Pain killers were ineffective and my wife was suffering so much. We took acupuncture treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma. In 3 days pain disappeared. I am amazed by the magical action of acupuncture.

Submitted By: Manav Goel

For almost 12 years I was smoking and drinking heavily. I knew it is bad for health. I started to have daily cough indigestion, my sleep was disturbed. I realized that I can not continue like this. I searched for good deaddiction centre. I tried allopathic medicines but I had no benefit. I came across about Dr Anjali Sharma’s Ethos Acupuncture Clinic for smoking and alcohol deaddiction using chinese therapy acupuncture. I found that interesting. I discussed my problem with Dr Anjali Sharma. She was very supportive and I felt that this is the right place. I joined acupuncture treatment. Everyday right from the day one I felt positive change in myself. I was not getting same cravings and my cough indigestion got better. In one month I said quit and all that happened without any discomfort.

Submitted By: Harshwardhan K

I contacted Dr Anjali Sharma for my sinusitis and I am happy to say that I am now fine.

Submitted By: Divya

I came to Ethos Clinic at a time when I was devastated. I had sexual problems premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction and my sex desire was almost zero. My wife was extremely disturbed. Our married life was almost over and I wanted to die. I went to many doctors but even after years of treatment I was not improving. One day when I was searching on net for best doctor or clinic in New Delhi or NCR for sexual weakness loss of sexual desire premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction I found about Ethos Acupuncture Clinic in Green Park. I think it was God’s blessing for me. I joined treatment and it has worked so nicely that my married life is happy for the first time. I give full credit to Ethos Acupuncture Clinic and Dr Anjali Sharma.

Submitted By: B G

I appreciate the sincerity and hard working approach of Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. It is her sheer dedication that gives instant relief to patients. It is great to have such a doctor. My best wishes are with Dr Anjali Sharma.

Submitted By: D P Malik

I wish to thank Dr Anjali. I visited her for back pain and I was under tremendous pain. Her treatment worked like magic and I got immediate relief. It was amazing.

Submitted By: Sumit Verma

I took infertility treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma. It has helped me. My hormone levels and periods became normal. I am happy that I could conceive naturally.

Submitted By: Rekha Malhan

I was having pain in my both legs. All my test were normal. I continued taking pain killers but when after two years my pain was same I was very much worried. I searched for other methods which can treat pain. I found that acupuncture can help in treating such pain. I looked for best acupuncture doctor in India. One of my doctor friend suugested me about Dr Anjali Sharma. I joined treatment. I was amazed to see my pain vanishing in one week. I am very much happy with acupuncture treatment.

Submitted By: Prabal S Lala

I have been taking acupuncture treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Clinic. The response is very good. My investigations show positive change. My health has improved. I am very impressed with the outcome.

Submitted By: Amit Gupta

It was a great experience to see benefits of acupuncture treatment. I visited Ethos Clinic for cervical pain. It not only improved my cervical pain but also my other complaints like poor digestion, acidity and hair fall. I feel it was due to good diagnosis of Dr Anjali that she could help me in such short time. My best wishes.

Submitted By: Srikant

My sleeplessness got cured by acupressure treatment by Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. My experience was very good. It is a very friendly place, doctor is caring and I am satisfied with the service.

Submitted By: Geetika

Sometimes treatment works like magic. I suffered from gastritis and acidity for many years. I can not explain what all I tried and how many doctors I met. But no result. One of my friend suggested Dr Anjali Sharma for acupressure treatment. I was not very keen but decided to try. And it was really amazing. Now there is no gastritis no acidity. I am so thankful to Dr Anjali Sharma.

Submitted By: J M

I consulted Dr Anjali Sharma for cervical pain. It was so bad that I could not even move my head. I was unable to sleep due to pain. After 3-4 sessions it became very less. In about 10 days it got better. Now I have no pain.

Submitted By: Jasvinder

This was my first time in acupuncture. I had bad back pain for many years. Medicines physiotherapy massage exercise yoga I did all. It helped for some time but again. I got desperate for getting rid of it. I looked for some real good pain clinic or doctor in delhi or ncr. I was even prepared to go to any where in India for good treatment. I came across Dr Anjali Sharma’s holistic pain clinic where she is treating with acupuncture. I was unaware of acupuncture how it works etc. But my pain pushed me to it. I saw Dr Anjali at her clinic. She diagnosed and pointed real spot of pain. That was very encouraging. Same day I started treatment. It was super effective. My pain just vanished in few days. And now it is almost 2 years I have never seen my pain returning. Acupuncture treatment is wonderful.

Submitted By: Dishant

My mother had severe backache and sciatica. We consulted Dr Anjali Sharma. She adviced holistic pain treatment. Her holistic pain treatment has helped my mother. She is now fine.

Submitted By: Mamta Goel

My cervical spondylosis got better from treatment of Dr Anjali Sharma. Dr Anjali Sharma is very hard working and skillful in treatment. She is able to to give quick relief. She is like God’s blessing for people like us in pain.

Submitted By: J C Ahuja

I had pain in my shoulder. It was frozen shoulder. I could hardly raise my arm. There was so much stiffness I could not do anything. I had similar attack earlier that got better after long physiotherapy treatment but this time even physiotherapy was not helping. I searched for best pain clinic in delhi ncr. When I read about Dr Anjali Sharma and Ethos Body and Mind Clinic it gave me some hope. I started treatment. Result of first day was very good. It worked like magic. I could raise arm that I was unable to for last so many days. In one week I was free from all my pain and stiffness. I did not know that treatment can be so magical.

Submitted By: Rohit

I was suffering from sciatica pain for last many years. Physiotherapy helped to some extent and even after doing exercise which were told to me pain would come back again. I was in deep pain. One of my colleague asked me to meet Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Clinic where he had taken treatment for his backpain and was better since. I went to see Dr Anjali and started treatment. Within one week I found myself much better and by second week I was fully well. Now I am doing all my work normally and I am absolutely fine.

Submitted By: Dharamprakash

To a person in pain, Dr is like God. To me Dr Anjali is like God. When I met her I was in severe pain. No medicine no injection was helping. And when I took acupuncture it was magic. Her treatment works immediate. I have no pain now. After my success I sent my father too for sciatica pain and he too recovered soon.

Submitted By: Shipra

I wish to thank Dr Anjali. I visited her for back pain and I was under tremendous pain. Her treatment worked like magic and I got immediate relief. It was amazing.

Submitted By: Sumit Verma

I had three abortions all in second month and all without cause. This was hearbreaking for both of us. Everyday I was getting more and more irritable. Our life became hell. I was advised some surgery but I was not ok with it. My doctor suggested acupuncture treatment. I came to know about Dr Anjali Sharma through one article. I met her and was impressed with her. My treatment took about four months. And yes it has proved good. My next pregnancy completed without single problem. Thank God and thank you Dr Anjali.

Submitted By: Kaveri

We had taken acupuncture infertility treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. It gives us pleasure to say that her treatment was succesful. We are very happy with the sincerity, dedication, knowledge and skill of Dr Anjali Sharma. I wish all doctors on earth are like her. Our best wishes to you Dr Anjali. Keep doing good work as many more couples like us need you badly.

Submitted By: Astha and Samir

My husband had poor sperm cells. According to test his sperms had low count and poor morphology and for this reason I was not getting pregnant. When this did not improve with treatment we got disturbed. He searched on internet and read about acupuncture treatment. We decided to try as last option. He started acupuncture treatment with Dr Anjali Sharma. In three months his sperm cell report had remarkable improvement. Today we are blessed with a sweet daughter and we are delighted.

Submitted By: Deepa Verma

I was so much in despair. Nothing was working. Then I joined Dr Anjali Sharma’s treatment. In three months I conceived naturally. My entire family is so happy. This is like a dream come true. And all because of you Dr Anjali. Thank you very much.

Submitted By: Dipti

I am 30 year old and my career and life was spoiled as I was so much hooked to internet watching sex pornography and indulging in all sorts of sex. I could not work properly. I was getting warnings but could not help myself. I looked for some good clinic in New Delhi for treatment of sex pornography addiction. I found about Ethos and joined for treatment. In just one month I got free from my sex cravings. Now I work properly and my married life is again happy.

Submitted By: Rajat S

My husband drinks everyday. He started drinking after we had business loss. He was under stress and daily he would drink and we were fighting. My kids were so scared. I decided to stop this and brought him to Ethos Clinic. I was impressed by Dr Anjali Sharma. She has very good knowledge and is very dedicated. Her treatment has helped and my husband now drinks rarely on social occasions and that too after asking me.

Submitted By: Kim

I am 22 year old girl. I took acupuncture treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma for my smoking habit. I used to smoke more than 20 a day. I am happy to tell that my habit is gone and I do not smoke anymore.

Submitted By: Vismita

There can not be a bigger sorrow for a father to see children suffering. My son got into drugs and I almost lost him. I was looking for best clinic for drugs deaddiction in Delhi and I visited Ethos Body and Mind Clinic in Green Park. My son started with acupuncture treatment for his drugs addiction. It was fantastic to see him improving everyday. His behavior improved. And finally he got fully cured. I am such a happy father now.

Submitted By: P L

I wish to thank you for treating my alcohol and smoking habit in such short time. I wish I had come to you earlier, I would not have suffered so long.
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Submitted By: Arvind Bhatia

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